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What does the water:grain ratio affect? What is the difference between doing 2 qt/lb and 1.25 qt/lb? I am going to do my first AG batch this weekend and I am going to do a 1.5 qt/lb ratio, but I have no idea why. Thanks!

There is minimal effect on the mash enzymes and resultant wort fermentability. Some say that a thicker mash will produce less fermentable wort, and thinner mashes more fermentable. But compared to temperature, mash pH, etc., its effects are pretty minimal.

cool, sounds easy enough

I typically ignore it.  I mash so I get the same amount of runoff for every batch.  The grain bill affects the ratio.  The only thing I change is maybe more or less water for grain absorbtion.

I used to do 1 or 1.25 qt/lb mash ratios but have recently been increasing the ratio to try and improve my efficiency.  I think 1.5 qts/lb is a good place for you to start.  If you are happy with your results stick with that.  Sometimes its fun to change things up just to see what effect it has.


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