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I will be doing some bottle-conditioning soon.  Is there any reason I should not use regular pry-off bottles?  That is bottles that are not the returnable kind.

Does anyone have any special preference between pry-off or swing-top closures for bottle-conditioned beer?

I use both swing-tops and regular pry-offs.  Both work equally well.  More important than the closure type is probably the color of the glass.  Brown does the best job of keeping out the light that can skunk beer.

If you're buying new bottles and can afford the swing tops they're the way to go IMHO. And they pay for themselves after only 24 batches!

I prefer drinking drinking some grolsch and getting the added benefit of having the bottles   ;)

As long as they're not screw tops they'll work fine.

When I bottle (which fortunately isn't all that often), I'll put some beers in swing-top bottles.
But you also might want to put a couple in plain brown 12-oz longnecks for competition entries.


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