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I dread having to clean and sanitize bottles (I currently use flip-top pint size and magnum bottles), so Santa has committed to delivering a new system.  But I don't know which set-up to get. 

I brew 5 gal batches and will drink a pint or two every other day or so.  My question is; Do I get a 3 gal mini draft, a couple of party pigs, or a 5 gal corny?  I'm leaning toward the 5 gal corny given that I'm trying to decrease my time spent brewing, but does the beer stay fresh for the 5 to 6 weeks it takes me to consume it at a rate of a pint or 2 per day?

Go with the 5 gallon system.  You can always bottle what's left if you need to free up the keg to brew some more. 

I just bought a 2 keg setup from and it will be sitting on my doorstep this afternoon when I get home from work.  Chest freezer will be coming on Saturday, which gives me one week to get it all setup to keg my first beer, a winter warmer currently fermenting.

If you get corny keg you will also need CO2 tank and regulator.
Yes beer will stay fresh for long time because you are pushing it with CO2 gas.

I would go with the corny's.
As long as you follow good sanitation procedures, maintain the seals, and purge the air with co2,  your beer will easily keep for a year.

Don't waste you money on the other systems when eventually down the line you will want to go with the 5 gallon system. Also, get a few extra kegs. You can find them used for 20 bucks sometimes. I used to be able to get them for 10 bucks a piece. That's why I have over 20 kegs.  ;)

I have some beers in kegs that are well over a year old, barley wines and RIS and sour beers and such. Kegged beer actually stays fresher longer than bottled beer, mainly because the O2 exposure goes way down.


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