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When to add Coconut and what type???

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I'm looking to brew a Coconut Nut Brown Ale.  I was wondering if anyone had an idea about what type and when to add the Coconut.  I was thinking Coconut milk the last 10 minutes of the boil or possibly toasting some coconut and adding to the secondary fermenter for a week.  Or maybe some Coconut extract when bottling????

I would probably toast some coconut and add it to the secondary. I would be afraid the oils in the coconut milk would cause head retention problems.  Coconut extract may also be a possibility.

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Yeah, I would skip the coconut milk because of the fat.  A lot of people toast some shredded coconut like chezteth mentions, and you can make your own coconut extract by soaking some fresh shredded coconut in vodka and dosing the bottling bucket.  i would go with multiple ways of adding flavor to add complexity, and wouldn't use just extract.  But that's me.

Coconut milk is just the meat pureed with the water from inside the coconut (Plus some other stuff in the canned varieties, but if you make your own, that's all that is in it). That being said I think you would have issues with the fat either way, if there were any issues to be had.

Will coconut start fermenting if added to secondary?


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