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I am in the prosses of building a RIMS for myself based off of billy d's setup from youtube.  i wanna see your RIMS though.  post some pictures.  not to steal but to educate myself.  ill post up mine too.

It seems like RIMS has kinda fallen out of favor due to scorching issues and now most people are building HERMS systems.  I'll be curious to hear from people who use RIMS if this is really an issue.

I have the brew magic from sabco and don't have any scorching issues at all.

Scorching was definitely an issue with my RIMS until I incorporated a PID controller into the system. 

I built my system with an ultra low density heater element and controlled the heating with a simple hand switch.  I also did not have a temperature measurement point downstream of the element. 

I noted that my brews were not attenuating as much as I expected and that they had a really heavy mouthfeel.  That clue finally turned on the light for me.

I modified my system and inserted another thermometer at the heating chamber outlet and was not surprised to see that it only took moments of heating element operation to bring the wort temp to well over 160 to 180F.  I was killing off my enzymes throughout the mash and the wort was not sacrifying!!

So the message is that to use a RIMS, you MUST use a PID to moderate the heating applied to the wort.  A brewer could not possibly cycle the heater power fast enough and when needed as can be achieved with a PID controller with its temperature sensor located at the heating chamber outlet. 


Live and learn.

Am I the only one going crazy from the title?  Fixed it :)  Whew!

I don't have RIMS, never used one, never brewed with anyone who has one.


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