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Whatcha Brewin' this week -- 2009 Dec 2 - Dec 8?

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Rollover Beethoven!

I'll start us off.. I think I'm going to brew a Pecan Smoked Maple Wee Heavy 

Pecan Smoked Maple Wee Heavy?????  Dude, you are sick....;)

No brewing for me for the next couple weeks....I'm on a 7 day a week work schedule for holiday shows.

Must be a smokin' weekend coming up.  I have a Smoked Robust Porter on the drawing board.  Mash in at 8:00AM Saturday.  I smoked 5 lbs. of Golden Promise with Alder Wood a couple weeks ago.  Only doing a 5 gallon batch 'cause it's sort of an experiment.  1st time smoking my own.

Nagel Family Brewing:
Robust Porter Sunday.


--- Quote from: hamiltont on December 02, 2009, 12:24:38 PM ---Must be a smokin' weekend coming up.  

--- End quote ---

Must be.. I'm trying to get another entry ready for the upcoming Doug King Memorial Competition. This year we're adding a custom smoked malt category for people to enter. Entries due Jan 9th! :)


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