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Kegging and Carbonation problem


I've been kegging for awhile now with no problems.  Lately though it seems that when the keg is about half full I get way too much head while pouring.  I bleed the CO2 and lower the pressure but it doesn't help. 

Where do I start ?  Does it have anything to do with the length of the beer line ?

Someone here mentioned "Draught Beer Quality Manual" that talks about dispensing beer from kegs:

There is also section about balancing the system:

I read somewhere recently that someone had the same problem.  Ended up the Out poppet was full of hops.  Just a thought.

I've had the same problem recently as well. The only thing that seems to help is to lower the pressure and bleed off the CO2 about 30% or so. So if you are maintaining your keg at 10psi...drop it down to about 7psi. You may lose some it's a trade off.


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