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Just a reminder that this Sat. Nov. 7 is Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day (soon to become Learn to Homebrew Day!).  It's a great way to get friends who have expressed interest in homebrewing involved in what we all know is a great hobby.  Also, if you join the AHA fro Teach Day, you can get a free copy of John Palmer's fantastic book, How To Brew.  To join up, you or your friends can go to and enter the code TAF2009.

Our brew club is registered & ready to go.  Can't do it on the 7th due to some conflicts so we're doing ours on the 14th.  Left fliers at a few establishments so we'll see how the turnout goes.  Regardless, we plan to have a great day.  Brewing an AG and an Extract this year.  Throwing in a potluck lunch as well.

We're ready to go as well.
We're doing an extract and a batch-sparge all grain demo (props to Denny!)
We also have some cool things planned - custom smoking a sack of grain as well as helping the folks at Left Hand make a Stein Bier the traditional way - with hot rocks.
If you're in Colorado and want more info, check out


The SOBs are planning a public Big Brew at the Amsterdam Brewing Company in downtown Toronto.

Here is the url for the event

We're getting pretty excited about having so many of us brew together at one time, hopefully in front of a good crowd of people all eager to learn about making your own beer.

It's pretty cool to think that the same event will be happening all over the darn place...


We are teaching a class,doing several demonstrations, including extract, partial mash, allgrain, and mead, and giving away a basic homebrewing kit (with ingredients kit too).

We've been doing this for as long as TAF day has been around. We require pre-registration, provide lunch, provide homebrew samples, and give a basic homebrewing equipment kit and ingredients kit to one of the participants as a door prize. For all this we ask a donation of $15 to cover costs (lunch, brew kits), with all leftover money being donated to the Second Harvest food bank at the time it needs it the most (right before Thanksgiving).

And I like the name change ... TAFTHB was always a bit cumbersome.


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