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Im new to the Board so I figured this would be a good place for my 1st post.

My name is Ray Allen and live in San Antonio, TX. Will be 27yrs old on Feb 1st. Married going on 7 years in April.

My beautiful wife Nikki and I enjoy beer a lot. Not the cheap bud light, millers, coors etc.. We prefer a good quality beer and do not mind spending a little extra to have it. Some of my beers of choice Hoegaarden, Blvd Wheat, Smithwicks, Newcastle, Alien Ale just to name a few. My wife prefers IPAs, as of lately Dogfish head.

My wife and I travel a lot and there is always a emphasis on finding new unique beers and brew houses while away.

I have been wanting to brew beer for sometime now. This Christmas my wife surprised me with a Brew kit from Brewers Best out of Flagstaff, AZ which if you havn't been is a great place. She bought the kit and it came with the basics needed and a copy of Zymurgy An Introduction to Homebrewing, I read the entire magazine last night in bed. A great read and so easy to understand. Im 100% positive I could brew a beer right now; maybe not a good beer, but a beer none the less. Im a sucker for Wheats/Weizens and Nikki bought that for my 1st brew.

Im fairly decent at water chemistry from years of being in the saltwater reef aquarium hobby, so I know way around using a hydrometer which is going to come in handy. Im also a fairly good cook if I say so myself and have a decent palate.

I have not purchased any bottles yet, but will be doing that this week. Really excited about brewing my 1st beer and hope to start no later than this weekend.

Thanks for reading and hope to be posting a lot more hear in the very near future.

Ray Allen

Mark G:
Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great people and great advice here. Good luck with your first brew!

Welcome!!  Is the wife going to get involved in brewing too, or will she just be quality control? :)

Quality Control, lol.

I have a group of friends lined up ready to be quality control/ guinne pigs.

Welcome to the forum Ray!!!

You might hit those QC friends up with a request to save brown pry-off bottles for ya too. Just remind them to rinse them out real good right after they're poured.  It amazes me how much gunk can grow from those few drops left in the bottle. Cheers!!!


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