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I am in the process of planning a new brewpub business in a small town in Minnesota.  The town has a population of about 200 with a lot of seasonal traffic and is on the Mississippi River.  I am looking for other brewpubs in small towns away from large metropolitan areas.  If you know of a nice brewpub, list the name and what you like about the place.  I would like to get a list of other businesses together and contact them to see how manage in a small market.

If you know of a cool brew-on-premise place, list them and give them a little free pub!

Pawtucket Patriot:
When I was in Nederland, CO a few years ago, I went to a small smokehouse and brewpub called Wild Mountain.  They had pretty decent BBQ and the beer was excellent.  It was a small place, but had a pleasant, mountain lodge-like atmosphere.  Here's a link to their site:

Other than that, I haven't really encountered too many truly memorable brewpubs in small towns (at least in the U.S. -- there are plenty that I've been to overseas that I've loved).

The Wellhead Pub in Artesia NM is a great one.  The beer and food are good, and as a homebrewer I've been able to meet and become friends with each brewer that's worked there.

I visited brewpub in Mc Gregor IA. It is small town on missisipy. There is a small casino in the area.

Beer was great. Food was good and service was questionable.

Not nearly as small as the area in which you're talking would be the Santa Maria Brewing Company in Nipomo, CA

Love these guys, they provide me refuge one day on a misadventure of mine that saw me driving back to LA from Firestone Walker with a used barrel hanging out in the back of an open Mustang convertible while it was raining.


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