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Waterbury, VT (pop. ~5,000) has one of the best I've ever visited - The Alchemist Pub & Brewery.  The beer is awesome and the food is pretty darn good as well!

If you haven't already, head over to They seem like a friendly bunch (unless you're asking for five gallon recipes  :) )

Two you might want to check would be Blue Mountain in Afton, VA and Devils Backbone further down the road in Wintergreen.  Not sure what you consider a major metropolitan area, but Blue Mountain is 20-30 miles outside of Charlottesville and Devils Backbone is a little over 10 miles past that.

Spent some time in Michigan and found this place called Short Brewery. A nice micro with good selection. Live music on the weekends, they sponsor a lot of events too.

Well I always say we are the biggest smallest town in Texas. San Antonio has a pop of 1.5 million and only two brewpubs in the city that I'm aware of.


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