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Author Topic: Found the cure for a cough  (Read 7704 times)

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Re: Found the cure for a cough
« Reply #15 on: January 25, 2011, 11:51:39 pm »
I have found that the cinnamon oil, tho strong and burny...will both open your
breathing passages and numb your throat the pungent aromatics are wonderful when
you have that crud stuffing you up with a sore throat.

Caution tho, I MEAN only a couple drops...if you get too much, you are gonna burn

And I never tried it with your mint but was suprised to see the similarity of our recipe's

50-50 lemon juice and honey microwave till loose and hot
....add the cinnamon oil drops....micro again a few seconds..
.add a shot or two of crown royal stir...drink....feel the relief.
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