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Surly AHA Rally recipe


I know the recipe was listed for awhile but now I can't find it.  Could someone who was on the ball and saved the recipe post it?


I found this on the Surly web site.  I wonder how much of the hops one would use?

Some folks wanted the recepie so they could brew it at home. Here it is.
Surly / AHA Rally Beer Recipe
82% Canada Malting Pale Ale Malt
10.8% Fawcett Brown Malt
3.6% Dark Candi Syrup
1.8% Fawcett Crystal 85L
1.8% Fawcett Dark Crystal 120L
Bittering –Columbus
Whirlpool/aroma -Willamette
OG 19.5
IBU 64

I haven't had the recipe, so I don't know about the aroma addition, but you would need 21 AAU to get to 64 IBU.


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