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Nagel Family Brewing:
I was having trouble with too hot of fermentations with no temp control so I started using a cooler with a home-made foam lid and frozen bottles and I ended up with too cold of fermentation I guess because I am at 1.030 after two weeks and the krausen finally dropped.  What should I do.  It is an APA that started at 1.065 with WL051 (1 liter starter).  I think I was running 55-60 ambient during ferment for 11 days (I didn't have a thermometer).  The last 3 days have been at 66 ambient and the today the krausen is gone.  Should I transfer?  Should I make another starter?  I am brewing a porter with WY1056 tomorrow.  Should I top crop after 2-3 days and pitch it into the APA?  Suggestions?
Ryan N

Nagel Family Brewing:
Well, I went ahead and transferred.  Hopefully that will get me some more points today.

Are you sure that it's stuck and not done?

Nagel Family Brewing:
It's definately not done.  The air lock in the secondary is moving right along now.  Looks like the transfer got it going.  Hopefully I will get down to 1.015 or so.  Fingers crossed.

I guess it's too late to chime in now, but if you think you have a stuck fermentation, moving it to secondary (and therefore off of most of the yeast) is the wrong way to go. You would be much better served pitching an active starter, or simply warming the beer up and swirling some yeast back into suspension.


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