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Avery Sui Generis


To quote a letter I sent to Adam Avery

I am sampling a bottle of your Sui Generis and am wishing I had purchased
more bottles while I was there!
What a delightful beer.  Similar to that flanders I made but the Cask notes
are there adding  great flavor suppliments.  The wine flavors come thru at the start followed at the finish
with the Bourbon notes. Sour, yet Pleasing on the tougue.
Great Job!  A Virtual Flavor Carnival.
Thanks for a very enjoyable experience.

Yep phenominal beer.  I picked up a 6 pack which ran $48, but it was totally worth it.

I got a sample, but looking forward to opening my own bottle!  :P

They served us some at a beer dinner at the Vail Big Beers Festival this weekend. Very nice.


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