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Tomorrow or Monday, the wine/cider/mead/sake sections will be combined into Other Fermentables unless I hear major objections.  The mods have discussed this and think it will make it easier to navigate the site.

Siamese Moose:
"Other fermentables"

Interesting choice of words, since Roxanne has been pushing competitions in our area to include an "other fermentables" category. We're getting a lot of people locally fermenting different stuff. In Roxanne's case, that includes maple syrup, date palm sugar, and agave nectar (in addition to using them in beer and mead). The Mountain Brewer Open (Greater Huntington Homebrewers Assn.) got 6 or 7 entries in the first case of somebody actually including the category.

Thanks for the info, Rob.  It sounds like we're on the right track.

Suits me! (FWIW)

I little condensing wouldn't hurt a thing.

How about "can you ferment it?" contests for a HBA patch?



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