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Hello all. I recently acquired a commercial keg to use instead /or with a kettle. My question(s) is this:

1. How do you cut off the top of the keg? (what tools do I need?)

2. How can i convert it to a "lauter tun? (Pictures would be nice)



I figure you will get lots of suggestions on this, from reciprocating saws to Dremels to jig saws... I made a jig and bought a 4-1/2" angle grinder from Harbor Freight. Worked beautifully! Perfect round hole with only minor burrs that a rat tail file quickly remedied. I'll try to post a pic of the jig. (though I still owe OCD a pic of the lid I made for the keg).

Just be sure to relieve the pressure if the valve and spear are still in place before you start.    :)

I have a lovely 4 inch square (roughly) bruise from a shattered cutting wheel from HF.
I'll try again once more with a higher quality disc. Then I got a line on a guy with a plasma torch....


Anything from a Dremel, angle grinder, reciprocating saw, plasma cutter, etc., whatever you have.
Most cut a 12" hole in the top. I preferred 10" because that was the size of my lids.

Matt B:
I went the 4" angle grinder with a cut off disc and a jig I made out of a bit of 2x4 wood, made a hole that'll fit over the sanke tap with a hole saw, and a jig saw to cut out the end of the wood so I can slide the angle grinder down into it to make a perfect circle cut.

I had originally tried using my dremel, but it took forever and went through a half a dozen discs easily, and left me with something that only barely resembled a circle, same deal with the recip saw since it kept wanting to go straight, and free handing with the angle grinder and cut off disc resulted in similar results, though marginally better when I drew a circle with a sharpie with a piece of string tied to the end of it and knotted around the sanke tap.

For the lauter tun question, what in particular are you wondering about?


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