Author Topic: 3 tier gas/electric indoor 10 gallon brewery  (Read 12542 times)

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Re: 3 tier gas/electric indoor 10 gallon breweryand finally
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2011, 03:01:12 PM »
ha, nice one.  A few questions.  So I notice what I think is plexi coming down from the hood vent?  I assume that is to create more suction?  Do you bump your head getting in there?   ;)

Are those firebricks or just concrete pavers under your mlt?  Good solution either way when using a wood stand.  I have slight charring over time on my mobile brew stand as the base is wood.  Might look into something like that myself.

What do you use the cooktop for specifically?

and finally last question.  How did you vent the hood.  Does it go through the foundation or the sill?

I have tried brewing in the basement but it became clear very quickly that it was a bad idea.  I have a walk out basement and I set up the brew stand by the door with it open and a flan blowing out.  Not effective.  We are possibly installing a HRV system for radon mitigation.  I wonder if that along with an exhaust fan lie yours would provide sufficient ventilation.   Hmmm...

Anyway, thanks for sharing.  Happy brewing!
Dave Brush