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My arm got tired......

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And I REALLY didn't like the shaking and oscillating of the drill, plus it ties up one of my hands....

So I done fixed that......


6XJ35 General purpouse motor, no capacitor required. (It has an internal relay)
3X930 Big sheave
3x892 Small sheave
4X664 Bushing reducer. (the sheaves are 1/2" bore, the spindle on the mill is 3/8", this item solves that.
4L500 V belt, 4L 50"
Miscellaneous nuts washers and bolts.

The small sheave is 1.35", the big one is 8.85", with a 4L belt. The motor runs at 1750, so the mill runs at about 266 RPM. Haven't timed a pound yet, but the hand full of test grain I ran through there went at a nice pace.

The board is 5/8" UHMW, polyethylene, the same stuff the hopper is made of. Not sure where you can get that, I bought a 4'x8' sheet years ago for another project, this was one of my last leftovers. Plywood, particle board would work too. I reused the rubber knobbies from the original base to act as locators over the bucket. Interestingly the UHMX is slightly flexible and acts as tensioner.

You need the two buckets to keep the heavy motor from tipping it. For a 22 pound grain bill you mill until the one bucket is full, then flip it over on the next bucket. Two buckets hold about 24 pounds of grain.

Total cost to me (not including UHMW, nuts and bolts) $118, including a 10% discount and the tax. I LIKE it!


Mine never does!


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My GOD there is a kid who needs a girlfriend!

Hey, some people enter beer competitions, some arm wrestle. (He apparently is a champion).


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