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I have a friend who requested that I make an almond beer.  He really loves a german style wheat.  I have a good recipe for that, but how would I add almond flavor?  Do I use real almonds, or an extract?  How much?  In the mash, boil, or like a dry hop, in a secondary?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Maybe some amaretto? or Extract. I'd put it in secondary so you dont lose as much of the aroma. How idea. I know that extracts are pretty strong so you'll probably want to just add it in little by little to taste. Hope that helps.

I like the amaretto idea.  But since you will probably want to dose in secondary, I'd do a trial with some store bought hefeweizen and try amaretto and extract in a glass first.  That will give you an idea of which is better, how much you'll need, and if it makes a good pairing.

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You could toast the almonds and add them to the mash. It wont be a strong flavor but it will make it interesting. You could also buy the almond coffee flavoring and add it at bottling/kegging time.

I like the amaretto idea too.  I would be concerned about the fat & oil content if using real almonds, unless head retention is no big deal.


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