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Thinking about making some new software, thoughts?

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I'm a Beer Smith user, and have been through them all to test. One thing I find is that I really want a better way to organize my recipes and track batches and metrics, notes, etc. for each batch. Most of the software lets you do this on a small scale but I was thinking about building something a little more comprehensive. Not software to build recipes, but to organize your brews, notes, metrics, etc. I was thinking about even building in recipe sharing and some social media type stuff.

It would be a free software project and most likely be a installable Windows application possibly with some web based functionality.

I even though about making it so you could import beer smith XML files and possibly files from other brewing softwares so you can format your printable pages how you would like and pull in data from them.

This is very conceptual at this point, but knowing tha I'm not trying to build another brewing application, does anyone have any interest in something like this? I can't imagine just building this for myself, so it would have to be worth my time.

Thanks for any feedback.


--- Quote from: mlager on February 10, 2011, 06:35:26 PM ---... I was thinking about even building in recipe sharing and some social media type stuff.

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you could call it Brewbook...  KCJAZ likes it!   ;D

I think you have a great idea and this software could fill a badly needed niche (people may not know it they need it till they see it).
  I don't think it should be done as an installable application but as a web based application with UI being browser or smart phone app and data securely stored on a server. The world isn't Windows based anymore and any application these days is expected to be fully accessible at all times.

  I could see using this software to determine how my brewing has changed over time and also help determine what went wrong or right with the beer. Show how the brewing is improving or changing over time. I guess any metric can be shown if the correct data is being saved.

  Anyway, sounds very interesting

I agree with the web based approach too, and maybe I'll do a combo of both. I usually focus on applications that communicate with a centralized database, which would give me the ability to write a Mac app, idevice app, windows app, and web all that all talk to the same source. I do also think there will be plenty of people who would want to keep localized data rather than centralized for the purposes of privacy and safety of their data... There is a neat idevice app called ibrewmaster that brings some recipe sharing features but it's a pay app and I'm really wanted to contribute to our awesome community and fill this niche.

I've got to figure out a good way to get some dialog going so I can design this with everyone in mind rather than it be one dimensional based on what I think people want.

I'm also wanting to bring current technology into this, I have the resources, but want to make something practical, not too complex, and something that compliments the other great software out there (beer smith, beer tools, ibrewmaster, promash, etc.)

Using the Open Beer XML Standard (, this could really be neat. I can do a centalized database that can load in beerXML files into a DBMS, and power the software from that. Could even use Crystal Reports to design some amazing looking brew sheets, etc.


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