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After reading this post about brewing with oysters, I've decided I'm going to try something bizarre with one of my next few beers.

So far, here are my thoughts:

(1) Some type of flavorful mushroom (morels, perhaps?) is near the top of my list.  I'm trying to decide what beer style would go well with this... I'm thinking maybe a brown ale or maybe an ESB.

(2) Shellfish of some sort, perhaps oysters.  Maybe clams or mussels?  Pretty sure this would have to be with a pretty rich/flavorful beer since my stomach turns a little at the thought.  But where's the fun if you're not taking a chance it'll be disgusting?  Perhaps I'll drive up to Jersey and taste that stout first....

(3) A strongly flavored root vegetable, like turnips or radishes.  Not sure what effects this might have on wort chemistry, but it sounds like fun.  Would probably be a pale ale or IPA, using the spiciness.

(4) Your suggestions?

This will be all-grain, a 5-gallon batch.

I wish I could remember all the variations that he did, but at the Chicago AHA convention (2005?), Larry Bell had a few different stouts include one that included mushrooms. Another had a weird chinese placenta extract in it that he found in the hotel mini-bar on his honeymoon in China. Another was a Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.. so there's definitely some room to mess around in there!

Hah!  I guess nothing seems weird after placenta and testicle stouts.  I don't intend to go that weird.

I "borrowed" an idea from Randy Mosher and have made a wee heavy with chanterelle mushrooms a couple times.  Absolutely delicious!

Here is a link to NB forum where a guy used Horseraddish in a beer. He soaked it in everclear rather than mashing it.


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