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I build an electric brewery and now what?

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I am building an electric brewery with Aubere instruments PID SYL-2352.

Any recommendation how to use it?
How to calibrate the temp probe?

Thank you

Well, I have to say that I would use it to brew beer.  That's how to use it ;-)

The temp probes are calibrated the same way as a thermometer.  You'll need a calibrated reference thermometer and you'll put the probes and thermometer in an insulated cup with mash temperature water.  Adjust the probes per the manufacturer's procedures. 

I found this post on homebrew talk and it was a great help:

I set the temp probe to the appropriate one  and stuff started to work.
Looking good so far.

Do a water only "brew", and see how things work.


--- Quote from: oscarvan on February 13, 2011, 08:57:24 PM ---Do a water only "brew", and see how things work.

--- End quote ---

Truly Sage Advice.  I wouldn't want to risk many dollars of ingredients on untried equipment.  That would probably elicit naughty words if it were me.  I agree that you would want to take it all the way through and perform each and every step so that you'll know everything you'll need to have on hand and things you'll need to do. 


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