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This isn't exactly a brewing related question, but more a question about the brewing industry. I am doing a research project on the malt industry and I'm wondering if a malt/grain contract with a supplier is a requirement for breweries?

Do suppliers require a contract be made?

Does brewery size come into play?

How do these contracts work?

This may be the wrong forum to asking this question, if anyone knows of a better one please let me know.


EHall: - thats where you should be asking, you'll see the forum link when you hit that site.

Curious how this is a sticky in a homebrewing forum...

Sorry...I accidentally stickied it when I split it off from another discussion.  While I agree it's not really homebrew related, I thought it was somewhat relevant.  I think I'll move it aging to "Ingredients".

Suppliers don't require contracts around here, that much I am sure of.

For the best answer though, the pro forums are probably the way to go.


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