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Dry hopping in keg with pellet hops?

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Anyone do this? Do you put the hops in a bag of some sort, or just suck them out with the first couple of pints?

I guess there are numerous ways to do it, and hopefully you'll get a good number of replies so you can decide which way will work best for you.  I use a nylon stocking (yes a women's stocking) and weigh it down with a stainless steel nut. I attach it with plumbers teflon tape by tying it to the nylon and slipping the other end it under the lid. That way I can remove it if I need to.  Others have reported using a hops bag or stainless tea ball as well.

I put the pellets in one of those small hop bags. Seems to work really well. I wouldn't recommend tossing them in there without some sort of containment.

Ditto hamiltont . .Although I use plain (unflavored) dental floss to hold my nylon knee-high.


--- Quote from: dhacker on December 14, 2009, 05:26:31 AM ---I use plain (unflavored) dental floss to hold my nylon knee-high.
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This sounds like more of a discussion for The Pub...


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