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Just want to get other more experienced homebrewers' advice...

Because of limited time I will usually mash/sparge one day and boil/pitch the next day. Never seem to have any issues with it. This week I am thinking about mashing on day one and brewing on day three and keeping the collected wort in the fridge inbetween.

Any problems with this?

You will need to at least bring the wort to 180-190 degrees for several minutes to stop enzyme action and kill souring organisms.

I had extra some time so I put 2 qts of boiled wort in a steralized container and put it in the fridge to use for a starter. 2 days later I went to use it and it smelled very sour so I tossed it. I think even with a steralized container there are organisms in the air that can start to grow.
I would be interested in knowing if you get this to work or not.

I've done the following about 6 times in the last 6 months with no noticeable problems: Mash/run-off late afternoon or evening, put the wort (~15 gals) into a brute barrel in a walk-in cooler at around 8 or 9 pm, then start the boil the next morning at 8 or 9am. Never heated to 180F as majorvices suggests, and never had any souring or weirdness.  Wort temp in the morning usually high 30s. 

But you want to do a longer pause in the action, and it might still work, if you can get the wort temp down below 40F where bacterial growth is greatly inhibited (although not completely stopped). I certainly wouldn't leave the wort at 65F or 85F.

Thanks all. I decided to just do what I have done in the past which is pretty much what redzim describes.

Sorry, makemehoppy, I won't have anything to report back on this time. If I ever do try it I will post about it.


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