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I have been mulling over adding taps to my keezer collar (currently 1 tap and 1 cobra), but want to know the various opinions on the optimum spacing between faucets.  I look at pics posted around, and the spacing seems to be minimum of 2", probably all the way up to 4 or more inches apart.

I was thinking of buying a fancy (read expensive) pre-drilled stainless backsplash and tray combo with the pre-drilled holes (which will answer my question as long as I buy it first), but even those are variably spaced based on the size tray and number of, is there any experience with too little or too much space between taps?

Do you do your taps off of the front or the side?  I think you want to put lots of space without it looking weird, you want to have plenty of room for varied tap handles without accidentally knocking a neighboring tap open.  That's the main concern to me.

Mine are 3.25" OC........Seems to work well and looks good (to me). I got the drip tray first and got the spacing based on that. I need to add one more tap.

You need a minimum of 3in to fit (barely) tall bar type taps.  If you want to use those I would go with 4in


My faucet(s) (faucet and future faucets) are (will be) on the front as (attempted to) shown.  As I said, I was thinking of waiting to buy the backsplash/drip tray combo with pre drilled holes, and that would inform my spacing....but if I can't wait.....I thought I'd ask.

Edit: Hey, awesome!  I got a photo to post!


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