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Hi all,
I have some questions about a RIMS set up. If I put a pump between a mash tun cooler and a pot on the stove, this is basically a Rims system right? I'll just start with this to open a discussion...

No because the R in RIMS stands for recirculation,  you described no return path.


I think that's regular single tier brewing with a single pump.
"R" is for recirculate - so with what you have one pot would have to be above the other to turn it into RIMS.
Gravity down, pump up. Unless you're just recirculating the MLT to itself to clear up the mash.
I was assuming you want the stove for heating the wort; for temp control in the MLT.


OK sorry, A return line from the pot on the stove to the cooler. I guess my question is, Do Rims systems recirculate the entire boil volume (of water) or just the typical 1.33 qts per pound. If it is the entire boil volume wouldn't this affect the enzyme activity in such a thin mash. Or would you mash as usual (1.33 qts per pound) and then recirculate the entire boil volume for a certain amount of time and drain the entire volume into the boil kettle.

Temperature control for step mashing would be one of the benefits.


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