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1/2 barrel kegs.


Does anyone know a place to get 1/2 barrel kegs (15 gallon)? I'm easing my way into AG (finished my home-made mash tun last night thanks to John Palmer :) ) and really like the look of converted kegs. I've tried the obvious web sites (Craig's List and eBay) but there are slim pickin's. I've also called my local micro-brewery with no luck and even called my LHBS who informed me they no longer 'handle' them because it's considered theft to be in possession of a keg with a commercial brewery's name on it. I've heard you can actually buy them new but I've had no luck in finding any online or otherwise. Thanks!

Contact any breweries that are near you. Most sell their kegs for scrap price when they are past their useful life. Useful to the brewery, that is. They're still fine for homebrewing purposes.

Where are you located??


--- Quote from: maxieboy on March 02, 2011, 02:20:42 PM ---Where are you located??

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Indianapolis, IN.

OK, if you ever get up this way I've got a few primo, legal 1/2 bbls I'd sell ya.


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