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My next Big purchase to be made is buying my kettles and burners, Id like to build a brew station.

Im either buying a 40qt or 60qt $$$ permitting. May even buy to 40qts.

My question, whats the deal with the false bottom some people are using. From what I understand its not a must have. Is it simply to stop the grains from flowing out of the pot?

Im thinking I could go with 2 40qts both with spigots and thermometers. 1 for steeping and the 2nd for boiling, I can simply open the valve to the steeping pot and then it could drain into the boiling pot.

You should go with the 60 quart. if you want to do 10 gallon batches at some point 40 quarts will not be big enough for the boil.

I recommend a 60 qt kettle also.  I usually make 5 gal batches, but even the occasional 10 gal batch does not boil over in a 60 qt. 

I picked up a used aluminum commercial kitchen pot (nice and strong) on Ebay years ago.  One of the smarter buys I've made. 

Mark G:
Go as big as you can afford. You won't be disappointed doing even 5 gallon batches in a 60-qt kettle. And yes, you can still get a boilover, although it takes some effort... Trust me on that one. Try searching commercial restaurant supply places online. There's lots of good deals out there, especially if you're willing to install the ball valve, etc. on your own.

I would also go with "bigger is better" because it allows one to expand their operation in the future.

As far as false bottoms, they are needed if you are going to use your kettle as a mash tun because with a dirct fired system they help prevent the grain from scorching and they also act as a filter for the grain bed upon lautering. However if you are planning to use the kettle as a BK then a false bottom isn't absolutely necessary.


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