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"Belgian" spice flavor wierdness

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I brewed a small ale recently with 1/2 lb of 40l crystal and 60l crystal with 9lbs of base malt...generally pretty light. The hops came from my a backyard and the variety is unknown although it is not very strong in AA. The yeast was Wyeast 1056 American Ale. The fermentation temp was about 65F. It didn't finish for almost three weeks. I bottle conditioned it and let it set for three more weeks before trying it. It has the flavor of a Belgian spice that I was not expecting.
Q: Is this spicy flavor common with this yeast? Am I running into something else?
I was aiming for a more typical but less hoppy American ale.

Wyeast 1056 is as clean as they come. The flavor you are talking about very well could come from a wild yeast infection. How are you sanitation procedures? The other problem could be chlorine/chloramines either in your water or whatever you use to sanitize. Are you filtering you water.

Major's are probably the more likely explanations, but if it's truly spicy (as in peppery, specifically) it could be from your mystery hops. Saaz and Styrian Goldings in particular remind me of pepper, so I'm sure there are other varietals that could do the same thing.

I vote hops or the yeast was something other than 1056.

Is the off flavor like Clove or Band aid? Plasticy? Banana? Or is it peppery?


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