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Has anyone used their citra hops yet?  How are they for late additions / dry hopping?

I saw blatz is has them in a recipe for bittering and it reminded me that I have some.

ndcube - here's some notes from NB:

this will be my virgin voyage with citra, hope its good b/c being an old ale, I don't want to screw it up!  I may chicken out and switch the bittering hop.

anyway, I plan on making a simcoe/citra late hopped pale ale in the spring, based on some recs, to find out what they're all about.

Thanks.  I must have missed that thread.

I've got something in the primary similar to the Super Alt over at NB that does a dry hop with Hallertau Select.

I thought since it was a hallertauer hybrid it might be a good sub but it sounds like it may be way to citrusy.

ndcube - did you bitter with Citra in that or only late hops? 

can you tell I'm starting to chicken out on using them in my old ale?  :-[

head's up, too - hopsdirect has them now for 13.50 per pound, leaf.


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