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What to do with Partigyle second runnings?


I'm planning on brewing an oatmeal stout over the holidays and figure I can partigyle and get a second beer out of it.  Since its pretty much a free beer, I feel I should experiment with it.  But how?

The small beer should be somewhere around OG 1.046 & SRM 22.  The safe road would be to use wyeast 1084 Irish Ale or 1968 London Ale or Danstar Nottigham Ale dry yeast (all of which I have).  But like I said - I want to experiment with this one...

I also have Orval, Delirium Tremens and Roquefort (6, 8 and 10) which I could harvest the yeast from.  I may even be able to get my hands on wyeast 3763 Roselare, but don't know if I can tie up a fermenter for that long.  Or get something completely different...


How about the 1084 to start it off and then pitch the Orval yeast?

Aha!  I had never considered that (& that's why I started this thread).

Any others?


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