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Author Topic: How vigorous is your average lager fermentation?  (Read 15739 times)

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Re: How vigorous is your average lager fermentation?
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2011, 06:57:58 am »
Interesting that most of you are finding such large temp diffs between ambient and internal fermentation. On ales, I agree, I find such differences of four degrees or more. But on the two lagers I monitored this winter, the difference was only two or three degrees, max. This was with two digital thermometers that were calibrated to a standard at the fermentation temp, of 48 - 52 depending.

This was using a plastic six gallon bucket in a fridge, controlled by a JC A419.

Edit: Looked back through my notes, and it was not ambient air temperature that I was measuring. Rather, the temp probe was taped to the bucket exterior and covered with a double layer of bubble wrap. So that probe measured only 2 or 3 degrees difference from the exterior ferment temperature. I generally do not measure the ambient air temp inside the fridge as it fluctuates so much. I keep the JC probe taped to the side and under bubble wrap now.
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