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Author Topic: Fermentis S-33 troubles  (Read 2742 times)

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Fermentis S-33 troubles
« on: March 12, 2011, 06:10:28 am »
So I did an american wheat on the spur of the moment 2 or so weeks ago.  It clocked in at a pretty tame1.062-1.067 OG, fermentables were 6 lbs of half wheat, half light barley DME and 1 lb of wildflower honey.  I pitched 1 rehydrated 11.5g pack of S-33.

There was a glitch with my temp control gear and the fermentation temp was probably high 70's for the first day.  Apparently this caused major activity, the entire 1.5gal head space in my carboy was filled and it overflowed, spitting proto-beer all over the place.  I cleaned this sticky, dried mess up and everything seemed to proceed on-schedule after that.  When I checked the FG I came up with a very surprising 1.022, yikes!  It doesn't taste bad at all, mostly like strong, somewhat sweet chamomile tea.

Could the attenuation problems I had be attributed to the mix up with initial fermentation temps or is s-33 not as attenuative as I was expecting?