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Author Topic: Re: Questions for a class at Indiana University  (Read 3779 times)

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Re: Questions for a class at Indiana University
« on: November 11, 2009, 10:16:07 am »
I brew 10 gallons and made 17 batches last year (170 gallons).  An approximate raw ingredients cost per batch (og 1.054) is around $25-35, assuming new liquid yeast with each batch and variation mostly due to hop costs.  I reuse yeast often, and grow hops, so my actual costs might be lower for individual batches.  I have never attempted to calculate fuel costs, but also brew with 2 propane burners, and its costs about $20 per tank per fill, and I can only say that I probably have to refill every 3rd or 4th batch ($11-12 per batch in propane, so a GT of $36-47 per batch, less than $5/gallon, or high cost of $0.59/pint). 

I have no knowledge of laws regarding distribution in Illinois.

I am in my current job because I wasn't making money doing something I enjoyed.  Now I go to work every day to make a living, and brew when I have the time because I enjoy it.  If I were brewing for a living, I likely would not be able to brew as much as I like to now because I couldn't afford it.  While brewing is fun, and I enjoy it as a hobby, it hardly seems like a good way to make a living. 

Mundelein, IL  USA