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Author Topic: Ale fermented at 62 degrees  (Read 12560 times)

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Re: Ale fermented at 62 degrees
« Reply #15 on: March 27, 2011, 03:26:37 pm »
Well, the beer went into a keg to secondary today.  FG 1.012 and I have to admit, it was probably still working a little bit.  It's in the cold room now which should slow it down.  It was fairly hazy and had a lot of hops material in it because I didn't remove them well enough when I put it into the primary.  Too many things to worry about being my first AG.  Last batch was far better.  I expect the first few glasses may be discarded because of this.

I'm going to try to wash the yeast and re-use it either tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when my pound of EKG shows up.  I am going to do the exact same recipe again but lower the Maris Otter by 1 lb.  My 2nd batch (different recipe) was much more efficient and I over shot my OG so this time I'm going to use 75% efficiency in my calculations (65 first time, 83 last time so it's sort of average).

Thanks again for everyone's help.  I really appreciate it.