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could time heal???

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I made this HB51 Big Brew Day + spices + Jaggery frankenbrew.  I split it on 1098 and 1214.  I have yet to bottle the latter since it was huge and I was lazy.

Anyway, I bottled the 1098 and it is STRONG.  I also get a slight metalic oxydation flavor too (I hate that!) and pretty much figure I'd have that swill for a long time. 

In desparation for a beer last night, I cracked one and didn't put it in a glass.  I drank it straight from the bottle.

I didn't get that oxidation flavor.  Is it because I was getting yeast, or that the beer didn't "open up" like in a glass.  Or is it a miracle  ;D

Well, "miracle" would be nice, huh?  If I was guessin, which I guess I am, I'd say it was because you weren't experiencing all the flavors due to drinking form a bottle.  But that a WAG.

Christmas Miracle!
Since you were desperate, did you drink it kinda fast? Like before it really warmed up and all the "flavors" came through?


--- Quote from: beerocd on December 09, 2009, 04:33:48 PM ---Christmas Miracle!
--- End quote ---

I'm "lol"ing.

Only 1 way to tell.
Have 1 in a glass.


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