Author Topic: Attention Wachovia home bankers....  (Read 2188 times)

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Re: Attention Wachovia home bankers....
« Reply #15 on: March 30, 2011, 07:49:07 am »
I'm banking with La Poste (the "national" bank here) as well as HSBC. HSBC is freaking AWESOME. My business account in the US is with Citibank, and I will be switching over to HSBC as soon as I get the incorporation here in France. When I was a kid I banked with the local bank, and they were always great. College meant a big city and therefore big banks, and I've always hated them.

At least in France a lot of the predatory practices of US-based banks are illegal. Also banks don't issue credit cards, I think that's a rule for the entire EU. Much much less problems with debt here, at least for the average guy. Not including mortgage debt of course.
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