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Author Topic: Tepache  (Read 14498 times)

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Re: Tepache
« Reply #15 on: March 15, 2011, 01:25:27 pm »
Hey I'm about to take on a similar venture. My nanny is from Sonora Mexico and she recently made the traditional version from her home. The ingredients are similar but simpler (I don't have proportions yet):

One thing she did is after fermentation she cut it by adding more water and added sugar to taste just before drinking it. This being a very regional drink, everyone does is differently.

A venture I'm about to take is redo the recipe but control it a bit more. Our Nanny's results was good but had qualities you get from poor water source and infection. From some suggestions in a post I made in the NB forum, I'm going to treat the *must* with campden tablets and then add brewers yeast afterward to reintroduce the common wild yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) occurring on the pineapple rind but without the bacteria.

Interesting Article about yeast found in Tepache:
Identification of yeasts isolated from "tepache", a traditional fermented fruit beverage, through traditional and molecular taxonomy

I'd really like to then bottle and naturally carbonate. I think it could make a great bubbly beverage. This may take a little more experimentation so I may just do a couple bottles first with different water/sugar additions

This stuff is anything but good.  Opened a bottle at thanksgiving (good thing I had 8 other varieties of beer available)  I'd have to say the red mold took hold.  
It tastes like I took a bunch of pineapples, tossed them in a black trashbag, and put them out on the curb in the summertime and then drank the nasty juices seeping onto the sidewalk a week later.  Out of love? (curiousity?, pain?), I will try another bottle at some point, but wow, I can't see this stuff improving much.  Some clove did come through.  No cinnamon, just a lot of nasty rotten pineapple.

Ok, onto some kvass (while I think about how to suspend all the pineapple in the sugar liquid next time). :P