Author Topic: Longtrail Brewing Centennial Series Coffee Stout  (Read 854 times)

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Longtrail Brewing Centennial Series Coffee Stout
« on: March 30, 2011, 02:30:28 AM »
Easily the best coffee stout I've ever had.  It has a thin enough mouth feel to linger just long enough, unlike many other overly thick stouts I have had. It has a *very* clear taste of dark roasted coffee, most akin to an espresso or Italian roast, much more true coffee taste than most others of it's type which often taste muddy and unrefined.  Very bright, fairly effervescent as stouts go.  Maintains the distinct acidity of a dark roast coffee for quite some time after the initial taste, mostly on the back and sides of the tongue.  Umami!~  Meaty without being overwhelming.

I'll definitely be buying this one again!