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Batch Sparging and Time

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Just read the Wort Quality and Water Ratio Question thread. I like reading threads that get the cogs turning and lead to more questions . . .

I've been a Denny Batcher for years and never really thought too much about how long the sparge water should sit in the grain before draining based on the total amount of grain. Should it sit longer for more grain, perhaps shorter for less grain, does it matter, and how long do you Batchers typically take when batch sparging?

I usually do 11 gallon batches with an average of 20 to 26 pounds of grain.

(btw . . why doesn't the auto spell checker recognize the words sparge and sparging on this site)   :D

For batch sparging, I just dump in the water, stir it around to get the sugars into solution, vorlauf, and run it out.  I usually only open my valve to 1/4 - 1/2 way open, but never timed it. 

+1. Just long enough to get it thoroughly stirred, unless you're doing really hot water for a mashout. Then there might be some benefit to letting it sit 10-15 minutes. Personally I feel like I'd rather run off as quickly as possible. By the end of those 15 minutes the wort's in the kettle and probably over 168°F anyway.

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Yep, dump in the sparge water, stir it up, vorlauf, and run off

dhacker - I do pretty much the same as you (12g batches - mostly 22-28lbs of grain) - and the first couple of years, I let the sparge sit for 15minutes before vorlauf and running, and then decided to try not letting it sit at all and just go right to the vorlauf.  efficiency stayed the same as did the quality of the output, so I stopped for the most part.


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