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To dilute or not to dilute

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I just re-brewed a classic american pils I made last year that is slightly high gravity for the style (OG 1.062).  Last year when I moved the beer over to a keg, I decided to take the 12 gallon batch and dilute it with 3 gallons of pre-boiled water to get a net volume of 15 gallons at a diluted effective OG of a 1.050.  This worked out fine and the beer was great, winning awards in 2 good sized contests, both as a CAP and a standard American lager. 

This year I am wondering whether I should follow the dilution procedure, or stick with 12 gallons of a higher gravity beer.  If so, in what category would I enter it if I put it into any of the contests I am seeing announcements for.  It has an OG of 1.062, approximately 39 (calculated) IBUs of NZ Saaz, with around 20% of the mash a mix of flaked corn and flaked rice adjunct. 

Or should I try diluting with slightly less water?

Is there a definition out there for classic American malt liquor?

Looks like the CAP ranges up to 1.060.  You might not have to dilute that much.

I say if you are confident of the results dilute away...

For the record, I did not dilute this batch.  It's so close to the top end of the CAP style guidelines that I decided to see how it tastes and can't say it has any major faults or seems out of style.  I will try entering it in one of the upcoming contests, and possibly dilute it as much as 50% to make an american light lager.  So far its tasting fine as-is. 

FWIW, post fermentation dillution is the proper procedure for a light American lager.



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