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I am going to be brewing a "Chocolate Peanut Stout" soon.  Has any one tried to brew with peanut butter at all??

My biggest concerns are a negative effect on head retention because of the peanut oil and salt.  I bought organic no salt peanut butter, but that doesn't take care of the oil. 

I originally planned to add this at the end of the boil to ensure it mixed well, but someone told me that all the flavor will be eaten up in the primary fermentation.  But if I add this for only the secondary fermentation than I fear the flavor won't take well. Does anyone have any good opinion or advice on when or how to add it??

I don't have any advice, only a comment: Yuck!  ;)

I've heard you want to let it sit until there's an oil layer on top, pour off the oil, and repeat until it's mostly gone.

I think there will be problems as you mentioned but there is only one way to fine out....go for it.

 It's really easy to make your own peanut butter if you are worried about added ingredients.

  Just buy some fresh nuts, roast, and then shell and grind in a food processor.

 Pecan butter is really special.

If I were at all interested in making this I wouldnt be concerned with the head retention

Screw the head retention and go for it


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