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Is anyone else suffering through final exams this time of year? What exams do you have? I am in my third and final year of law school, and I have Federal Income Tax I tonight and Estate and Gift Tax tomorrow evening. Tax law, really? Have I become that boring?

Also, does anyone want to hire an inexperienced tax attorney in about a year?

What are these exams you speak of?

Retirement agrees with me. 

Corporate finance in class final exam next weekend and we'll also get to pick up the take home final (well, download it from the web) for Operations Management.  Since the corp fin exam is on Saturday I will probably start studying on Thursday night in accordance with my just-in-time homework/studying methodology.

I finished all my exams for this semester. I am really looking forward to the break. I will be happy when I get my degree but since I only attend part time it may be another 5 years before I graduate. I wish I would have taken the 4 year plan when I was 18  :'(

I'm not taking any, but I'm giving some next week. Grading them is a LOT easier than taking them.


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