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Decrease in Ferm Temps ?

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I pitched the yeast for my Scottish 60 on Sunday at 55F which is where my basement has been.  I'm using swamp coolers to keep the temps steady (relative to the ambient temp anyway)

During the course of the week our temps dropped A LOT and the beer temp has dropped about 2deg per day since then.  Now it's sits at about 47F.

The fermentation is still active and it will probably be ready to warm up this weekend.

Am I in for some diacetyl?  I know, only one way to find out... but what are others experiences?

Edit: Using 1728.

Possibly - I would warm it up as soon as possible.


--- Quote from: majorvices on December 11, 2009, 01:41:36 PM ---Possibly - I would warm it up as soon as possible.

--- End quote ---
+1,  And rouse the yeast too.

I've been rousing them.

I kind of wanted to see what they can do at these low temps.  I probably warm them up tonight when I get home.  They should be ready to finish up by then.

They are chewing fairly slowly.  OG was 1.031.  Fermentation started Monday night and when I checked last night it was only at 1.020.

Looks like the yeasties have been struggling a little.  1728 ferments pretty cool anyway so getting them up into the low 60's should make them happy again!  ;D


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