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Nelson Sauvin hops

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--- Quote from: pinnah on January 28, 2013, 09:07:27 AM ---Hey,

Just wondering if anyone tried a successful hop combo with the Sauvin?  Phil, did you try the Simarillo blend with it?

I was not too entranced with the silly white wine fruity by an APA anyway.  I was thinking about something else to cut it a bit...Chinook?  Simcoe?  Columbus?


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Wow, didn't realize that the NS hops were so hard to come by these days. The owner of my LHBS traded me a pound of them for me to go and pick her up a case of Duck Rabbit Milk Stout from NC. Harder to get the Duck Rabbit here in VA it seems...

I've mostly been playing with Nelson in unusual places where that white wine note would really be interesting (i.e., dry-hopped cider). Having said that, I think it's one of the best choices of the Southern Hemisphere hops to really drive an IPA. Aside from the white wine, I still get a lot of the typical west coast hop-style citrus. If you kept Nelson to 1/3 or less of your late hops, then I think that it would pair well with all the usual suspects - Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe, etc., without totally taking over with the white wine.


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