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The flavor of my Oktoberfest


So this year was the first year for me to do an actual lager Oktoberfest (did an Altoberfest last year) and sipping at a pint right now I have to say I think I've put my finger on the flavor.....graham crackers.  The munich malt seems to leave a nice graham cracker taste, which in my mind is more descriptive (to me at least) than the usual "malty/bready" descriptors that are more the standard.

Not a fantastic insight, but every now and again I'll actually pinpoint a flavor in something and its rather like an epiphany to me.  When I tasted a (now unmistakeable) pear flavor in Bushmills it was the same.

That's what happens to me too. And that's how your palate slowly learns all the descriptors that brewers tend to use.



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