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freezing point

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I have an altbier in secondary and the only place I can use to drop the temp is the garage - I live in Minnesota air tem outside ia around -1F  - the temp in the garage is about 33F  up until the temp of the carboy dropped off the bottom of the sticky thermometer scale it was running about +5 over the air temp in the garage.

it is off the cemetn floor on scrap wood and covered with a coleman camp sleepingbag

my best guess is that it is at about 37F right now

when should I bring it in?

Well you do not want to freeze your beer (Haze issue).
Because beer has some amount of alcohol I would not go lower then 30F.

No worries for now - little warming trend and the garage temp is is around 33-35F

I used the bottom 1/3 of a 55 gallon drum.  Place the carboy in the drum with water up to the 1/2 mark on the carboy.  Drop a submersable pump used for summer outdoor ponds etc.  Then using an aquarium heater and blankets begin regulating the heat.

Works great here in Packerland.  BTW, when are the Vikings going to move?   ;D

for best results closest to freezing you can get. You should be fine.

Also there isnt enough alcohol in beer to keep it from freezin or even sloshing up.  Never put a beer in the freezer to chill and forget it?  It will freeze.  I think 32 is ok if not for very long periods of time as the beer wont reach that temp for a couple of days I would think.


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