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Colonna capper/corker or other bench capper?

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I want to get a capper/corker that works for beer bottles, corked wine and beer bottles and is durable.  I am looking at the Colonna capper/corker right now.  Does anyone have it and how does it work for you?

There are not many which cap both beer bottles and can cork wine. If you want a dual, it may be your only option. I seem to recall from the time I looked into it the corker attachment is a separate purchase.

Alright, it is on my wish list.  I do believe for my price range the Colonna capper/corker is the way to go.

My suggestion is to buy yourself a Ferrari! Not a car, but the Ferrari Super Zenith Bench Corker. Although it has been discontinued (probably due to cost), there are still a few around to be had at a decent price. IMHO it gives you the most versatility of any capper/corker on the market, plus it can be adapted to use a 29mm crown cap adapter for authentic European/Belgium-style bottles e.g. La Chouffe. It not only saves space, but offers more control & stability when corking/crown capping bottles. The down side is the initial expense & it can be a bit "bulky" when capping cases of small bottles. Good luck with whatever you decide!  ;)

Just tried out my Colonna capper/corker yesterday to bottle a batch of wine. Once I got it dialed in, I thought it did really well. Pushed the synthetic corks in a bit more than I expected, but otherwise good.

Will be trying it as a capper later this week, but so far it seems well worth it. Don't be thrown off by its plastic frame. This thing is built sturdy.


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